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The most badass, testosterone-filled, iron pumping, guild-soloing Guild Wars player ever. He also has bulging pecs and likes to show it off by gaming and walking outside naked.
Enemy monk1: *dshot Restore Condition*
Regem: *Determined Shot*
Enemy monk2: *dshot Word of Healing*
Enemy monk1: God damn! Regem is a fucking PUMPER!
Enemy monk2: Damn those bulging pecs.
by GuildWars October 09, 2008
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The practice of buying or selling a diamond, jewel or precious stone in the secondary market.
Jim bought sally a Regemed diamond engagement ring.

Harry Winston has the largest collection of Regemed diamonds available.

Lucy wants to Regem her wedding ring now that the divorce is final.
by jennyvctwig October 11, 2016
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