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A term used by Rollie Theodore Sakers during the Raliegh Soliloquy Pt. 2 on Robbin' the Hood by Sublime. The act of consuming one's excrement indefinately.
You went for line drawings and you fucked up you fuckin' idiot.
You brain-washed yourself you mother fuckin' stupid cock suckers, because
you never studied your Holy Homework. That's two capital H's there, all
the rest are lower case in any fuckin' case. Supreem Court, you are not
the fucking Supreem Court of anything, except Hell! For the next ten
thousand years you will shovel your shit and eat it, because your on
repeate mother fucker. It just started backwards and you can't do a
fuckin' thing about it. The public are gonna take back every fuckin'
thing that you took away from them you mother fucker.
by standard7452 March 19, 2005
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