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A base-10 logarithmic scale, used to define the pungency of faeces and or flatus.
N.B. a regular bowel movement may only score a 2 or 3 on the reekter scale, this is normal. However a movement that is released with a burning sensation, appears slurry like and produced with sulfurous gas may still only score a 4 or 5 - as each integer (+1) on the scale is a 10x increase in pungency.

A 7+ on the reekter scale would lead to civilian casualties and/or the apocalypse.
Guy : Damn, after that nandos, protein shake and e.coli outbreak in my gut I took a dump that looked like concrete being poured out of a mixer - scored at least a 6.5 on the reekter scale!

Girl : Ew gross this date is over!

Guy 1: That's cool, I gotta go get some bleach and febreeze anyway, the landlord came round thinking something died in my apartment
by TKman February 23, 2010
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A scale used to measure how horrible something smells (reeks). Similar to a Richter scale that measures the strength of earthquakes, the Reek-ter scale measures the level of disgust generated by a particular smell.
Damn it Joe! Stop farting! Your ass is measuring an 8 point 0 on the Reek-ter scale. If that shit gets any worse, you're gonna take 5 years off my life.
by SavageHeart December 21, 2016
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