Reed College, in the Pacific Northwest, is known primarily for turning out Fuckin' Reedies!
Fuckin' Reedies is a derogatory term co-opted by Reedies and used as a welcome.
by Eliot Hall July 29, 2005
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A small, liberal-arts college in Oregon, that is meant for kids

"who love learning for learning's sake." Some people will label them as "nerds" today, as they study hard and have no varsity athletics. However, they are the leaders of the future. They are all incredibly intelligent and quirky. They are the leaders of tomorrow. Big jocks who hate academics stay away, for you will never understand what it takes to be a "Reedie."
That kid got a 35 on his ACT? No wonder he's going to Reed College.
by Brocelona9 August 5, 2012
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A sanctum sanctorum of overprivileged children who love to talk about how intellectual and hard-working they are because that’s the only pitiable thing they can feel good about themselves. Its professors are mediocre, the most of whom hide behind a defense screen of taciturn professionalism. The city of Portland where it's at also suffers from a racism is deep but repressed and thus passive-aggressive in expression. Reed is also an off-leash area for sad dog-walkers who yearn for that plastic human connection of someone patting their dog and telling them how cute they are.
"Doesn't he know that Reed College is one of the most progressive colleges in the US? That's why we talk about a communist revolution but turn up our noses and call the CSO we so much hate when a homeless dares come wondering onto our campus."
by l'homme moderne November 27, 2019
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