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A guy who talks and speaks like a girl. He probably takes classes on how to talk to girls. He loves to express his hatred for people by writing songs or talking behind their back instead of confronting them. Always trys to resolve any argument that he loses by "making up" and becoming friends again. He doesn't do well with girls his own age, so he goes down a grade in order to socialize with easier girls. His favorite place to take a date is the ROM. He basically has absolutely no genitals.
Person 1: Yo, did you meet Arabella's new boyfriend?

Person 2: Yeah, hes a Reddon. I give it a month, tops.
by crescentguy April 15, 2009
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Red Don is an update of the 1984 movie, Red Dawn.
Tag line: No foreign power has occupied the American Presidency. Until Now.

Russia finds a #sad, weak, loser, pseudo-billionaire to collude with, invests in social media bots and social media fake news, and hacks the political parties in the United States. In 2016 Russia installs Putin's Puppet. His name? Red Don.
The only way for Russia to succeed in occupying the American Presidency is the arrival of Red Don.
by NeologianPJG February 02, 2018
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