(Noun) When an internet server or item is shut down, canceled, closed or crashes because of the instant popularity from the Reddit community that naturally floods information requests.
(Verb) Getting Reddit Hugged.
(Irony) The server that hosts this page getting a Reddit Hug.
Sudden information requests leading to servers crashing because of a Reddit Hug.
Items of food, such as giant Wendy's burgers being taken down from the menu because CEOs didn't want to be associated with the stoke-inducing burger being exposed/posted by the Reddit community.
Ousted organisations closing servers to censor information.
by OmegasParadox June 15, 2013
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A cutesy phrase that vapid Reddit users like to incessantly comment when a website which has been linked on Reddit.com goes down due to the recent influx of heavy traffic.
User #1: Why is this link not working for me?
User #2: must be the reddit hug of death <3
by MagnaFarce December 09, 2014
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It's when redditors open their wallets, Apple Pay app or bitcoin wallet and donate to a cause they care about.
Wow, reddit really saved little Johnny's family from those high medical bills. Oh yeah, it's the reddit hug of cash.
by Smokey the bear June 01, 2016
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