fat 30-year-old man who 100% has cp
Reddit User more like fat
by Cerf Joint May 13, 2021
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A derogatory phrase used to describe homosexuals, especially sloppy party bottoms who have to wear diapers due to anus malfunction, caused by excessive pounding
Oh my goodness, did you know that Lance has to wear diapers now? He went to one too many pride parades. He's such a reddit user.
by Zeus' lightning bolt January 16, 2022
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A pathetic degenerate normie with no life. They also use TikTok, Instagram (to repost), 9GAG, and Discord. They hate America. They use boomer and karen. They listen to late 10's pop music and think early 10's pop music was bad because they hated it as a teenager. They claim they use 4Chan but they don't. They do Fortnite dances in 2022 and wonder why nobody laughs at them. they claim they like Minecraft but only watch PewDiePie. They usually wear fedoras and live in their parent's basement

They worship Europe especially the Soviet Union.
Jock: Floor gang!!!!!

*Nobody laughs*

Jock: Why is nobody laughing?

Paul: Because you're a Reddit user. Get a life. GoAnimate has the funny memes. Reddit has normie memes.
by Raspberry Necessary 35 March 2, 2022
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A- Hey man do you know of any female Reddit users?

B- what’s a girl
by Alapacaaaaa July 31, 2020
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December 12th is Reddit User Day. This is a day where Redditors can spam any memes that they find funny, anywhere. Twitter, Discord, there's no place that won't go untouched.
Hey bro, did you know that tomorrow is Reddit User Day?
by thefunnywanderer December 11, 2020
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