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Red Nation is New Zealand street gang based primarily in the country's South Island. Their insignia/patch is usually a picture of an angry Bull with a ring in it's nose over a red background. It's design is a clear rip off from the Mongrel Mob gang. The Head Hunters patch is also similar.

Membership is mostly ethnic, and majority Maori. Their colors are red and black. Members are often seen wearing red bandanas over their faces. Red Nation prospects are called Brims, and members can be female as well as male which is unique for a New Zealand street gang.

Their main slogan is DAGOE (Drop a Gem on 'em) and they often use the letters 'EDBO' which is an acronym for "Every Day Bulls Out."
"I was walking through the city and those disgusting Red Nation buggers were hanging around the malls recruiting Brims from the local Bloods set."
by eastcoastslangnz July 28, 2016
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