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A gaming organization which was created in 2014 by FaZe Clan. They started to branch away from FaZe when they moved into their gaming house called the "Red Reserve House" or "The Red House", when they moved in Summer 2016, there was 4 people living there: Formula, Randumb, Gandhi and Kiwiz. They later added on Raves and then Nicks. Today they are a big brand in entertainment and eSports. Their YouTube has over 350,000 subscribers.
Red Reserve just played OpTic Gaming at MLG Dallas
by FaZe Oasis June 11, 2017
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A Call of Duty Gaming Clan thats really awesome and dont play call of duty that much. (so cant call they fat nerds or anything.) they post vlogs and are cool
by WormyNado January 21, 2017
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