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A red light challenge is when you are stopped at a red light with a passenger in the front seat and you see how far you can go in hooking up before the light changes. Bonus points if you are not in a relationship with the person.
I was at a red light with Cindy and we totally went for the red light challenge. It was awesome!
by haterpig April 12, 2011
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When you find yourself stopped next to someone at a red light and proceed to put the car in neutral and rev your engine, regardless of whether the car is a piece of shit Chevy Lumina or a nasty Chey Corvette. If they hear it, they will respond with a rev of their own, and when the light turns green the race is on, unless they're a fuckin pussy
I can't believe that guy pussed out of that Red Light challenge, I wanted to race his ass
by 1v1 Anyone? June 05, 2010
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When procceding to a stop light roll down your windows and turn up the radio. Procced to randomly spaz out into dance and look at the other drives who are stopped. If you are lucky the other drivers will do the same.
Driver- "Damn those girls are in that car are fine!"
Passenger- "We should hit them up with a Red Light Challenge"
by RedLightChallengeKing December 19, 2010
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