A book or notebook that a person keeps their dark and/or graphic thoughts, plans, fantasies, or records in, usually having to do with self harm or suicide
1"I've been cutting myself again, I need to write that down in my red book"

2"I am going to plan my suicide, I should write my ideas in my red book"

3"oh man, I hope my mom didn't find my red book, she'll know all my suicidal thoughts"
by Maia February 5, 2019
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1. Colloquial English name for Quotations from Chairman Mao Zedong - a book of quotations taken from Mao's speeches and publications. It is the most-printed book written in the 20th century, and was required study material for all Chinese residents during the Cultural Revolution.

2. A Chinese boner.
1. The English translation of the Little Red Book loses Mao's eloquent use of simile found in the original Chinese.

2. Is that a Little Red Book in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?
by vastheman January 9, 2011
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A 4 peice band hailing from East Haven, CT. Including Nick on vocals Brian and Bobby on guitar and Chris on drums. The band broke up in the winter of 2006. Guitarists Brian and Bobby moved on to a band called Seven Second Suicide. In which went though a number of member changes till they changed there name to On The Inhale. On The Inhale ended in summer 2007 were nothing as come about. Each member moved on.
Dude:Did you hear about that band from East Haven?
Ghetto Dude: That red suicide band?
Dude: Ya Red Book Tragedy/Seven Second Suicide?
Ghetto Dude: That band is whack homie!
Dude: Ya but that guitarist and vocalist kick ass tho!
by Brian Corwel October 3, 2007
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An amazing book series featuring 5 books: Red Queen, Glass Sword, King’s Cage, War Storm, Broken Throne. It is about Mare Barrow, Cal Calore, Maven Calore and many other characters. I recommend reading it.
Person 1: “Have you read the Red Queen - book series !?”
Person 2: “Yes OMG you should so read it!”
by itsmehun May 6, 2019
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