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If you ever get the pleasure of meeting a Rebekha you're one lucky person. Rebekha is the most amazing girl you will ever meet, at first glance you will be blinded by her majestic beauty but there's more to her than just beauty she is kind hearted, she will never hurt a fly but she will pinch the shit out of anybody who gets on her nerves. Rebekha is a mostly a clam girl but when you get her heated watch out, she turns into a hungry lioness ready to devour her prey. Once you get her on your mind shes all you're going to think about. Rebekha has the power to make your day amazing my simply smiling at you because her smile is just so breath taking. Once you get to know her your always going to want to be around her because when your with her its like if magically all your problems go away and your instantly the most happiest person in the world because your with the most amazing girl in the world.
One day I met a Rebekha and since that day my life has been happier than ever before because she makes my life simply amazing.
by King94080 April 02, 2013
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