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to be utterly tortured by the music video of Friday by Rebecca Black thinking you've just clicked the link to an intrguing video
Jake: Hey Nate!! Check it out-I found some crazy-ass
YouTube porn.

Nate: (runs to Jake's bedroom) You better not be lying
man. I've been dying to get me some of this shit.

Jake: Me too, man. Alright. Let's do this. (clicks on the

Nate: (sees a hot girl undressing) Damn this is soo...Oh
WTF??!! (now sees the beginning of Friday)

Jake: No!!! No!!! Not that stupid bitch! (Rebecca Black
starts singing) OMG! Quick Nate close the box!

Nate: (jamming his fingers on the mouse on the X) I am-
it's not working!!

Jake: Then turn down the volume. (starts puking once
the song breaks into chorus)

Nate: Dammit! It won't work either!!

Jake: Aww crap!!

(He and Nate start screaming while trying not to throw up. Once the song was over, Jake's mom found them dead on the floor. She then looked up at the computer screen and saw the Friday music video right in front of her.)

Jake's mom: OH NO!! They've been Rebecca Blacked!!!!
by thecomputerninja April 16, 2011
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