Reality shifting is traveling to realities in the universe. We shifters believe in the multi-verse, meaning that there are infinite universes. Like a reality where you’re famous, or even when you’re in Hogwarts. You can shift literally anywhere, Shifting is %100 percent safe. It is not against any religion, and you can never get stuck!
Person A: “I’m reality shifting to a K-POP group, and you?”
Person B: “Cool! I’m shifting to Maze Runner.”
by that reality shifter November 16, 2021
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Reality Shifting is basically moving your consciousness NOT your soul or body, to another already existing reality of your desire!it has been practiced from people for many centuries now but it became popular because of tik tok 2020.There was a lot of missinformation and lies about shifting on tik tok so you should be careful but there are many trustable shifters and sources to get information about it from! Shifting is not daydreaming nor lucid dreaming it feels exactly the same as this present moment you have all of your senses!YES YOU CAN SHIFT!There are many technics called "Shifting methods" that you don't really have to use but can be useful to help you reach to your desired reality (Dr) also known as Intended reality (Ir).Yes you can actually shift to a fictional world or to be an animal.Antishifters still find it hard to believe the reality of shifting but if YOU beleive that it's real then IT IS!Anyone is capable of it just by beleiving!GO AND SHIFT BABES!😌 And for those having doubts or being scared ...THERE IS NOTHING TO BE SCARED OF!No you are NOT gonna die or get stuck/stay forever to another reality unless that's what your desire!No it is not against any religions NO it is not dangerous.It requires your effort but you sure can!People in your desired realities are REAL don't mess with them!Take care and shift~
Person B: You look very excited what is it?
Person A:Okay sit down i got to share this with you..I JUST CAME BACK FROM A REALITY SHIFTING!
by _ nknown X May 21, 2022
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n. 1. the manifestation of objects appearing, disappearing, transforming and transporting. 2. changes in the way we experience time. 3. any sudden, abrupt alteration of physical reality with no apparent physical cause. 4. the source of synchronicity.
John discovered that his keys had experienced a reality shift. He found them right where he'd looked to begin with when he noticed they were missing -- in the very spot where he knew for sure they hadn't been, just a moment before.
by Cynthia Sue Larson September 5, 2003
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the scientific term for this is quantum leaping or quantum jumping. this is the the moving of your conscious mind to an alternate reality through the use of manifestation and quantum physics. many will say it is just lucid dreaming but it is very different. many people use this to go to hogwarts to date draco and it has become a huge trend on tiktok. be careful because a lot of people spread false info. yes it is real and yes it is possible. the cia released documents on it in the late 1900's so it has been a thing way before it was a trend. please do your research and don't go discouraging others if you don't believe in it.
person 1: "i cant wait to reality shift and go to hogwarts"

person 2: "isn't that just lucid dreaming?"

person 1: "no silly, when you reality shift you are going to a real place! reality shifting is the movement of your conscious mind from this reality to another"
by simpforcedricdiggory November 6, 2020
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reality shifting is shifting your subconscious mind from your original body to another body within another reality. that reality existing somewhere in the multiverse. (popular realities people may shift to are hogwarts, animes, stranger things, etc.) shifting is done through meditation and practice.
palla: me and dobey did a reality shift to genshin impact last night!
jane: reality shift?
palla: yeah! kevin and i scripted our desired reality down and did a quick method to shift!
jane: oh cool! i should look into reality shifting.
by ameliaishotlol June 9, 2021
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reality shifting is when mentally ill teenage girls think its possible to move your subconscious from this reality to another using different methods. it became popular on tiktok in 2021 from posts of teenagers claiming they went to hogwarts. what this actually is is lucid dreaming. lucid dreaming is a dream that feels real, and you can control different elements of it. reality shifters refuse to believe that reality shifting is the same thing as lucid dreaming, and their main argument is that reality shifts can last for months. many of these people are simply lying, however the brain can trick you into thinking dreams last months. if a reality shifter ever tells you they can shift for months or years at a time, tell them to learn a new language by tomorrow. this completely shuts down their point as they will not actually be able to learn a language in one dream.

if you have gotten interested in reality shifting and know it's not real but wish it was, do some research on lucid dreaming! it feels completely real and has lots of scientific evidence.
mentally ill teenager: i was reality shifting last night, and it really worked! i shifted to hogwarts last night!
person with an iq above 50: you mean you lucid dreamt last night?
mentally ill teenager: NO!! IT WAS A REAL REALITY!!
person with an iq above 50: okay emily...
by bigfella23432 January 14, 2022
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A botched pseudoscience of multiversal theory that has no real backing, aside from stories. It’s effectively guided meditation along with lucid dreaming that doesn’t make much sense when you really look into it.
Person 1: I participated in reality shifting yesterday! Wrote the script and everything.
Person 2: I heard of that- isn’t it just lucid dreaming?
Person 1: No, I saw it on the internet, it has to be true!
by Funkychicken42 July 17, 2022
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