A real person is one that is "genuine" and "earthy". Real people do not take part in hipocrisy and lies in order to undermine their opponents. Real people often keep friendly relationships regardless of their benefits or non-benefits from it. In the end, a real person will stand by you, even when the fun is gone and life gets rough.
When my house burned down all my friends wouldn't let me stay with them, but Tony would......he's real.

Just one example of Real People.
by Joe DiMaggio January 4, 2008
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What they say on the Chevy commercials. But really it is just actors some say
Chevy commercial: Real people not actors
Guy #1: Oh come on this is fake
by TheGamer675 January 10, 2018
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Commonly referred to as EST or East Standard Time, RPT (Real People Time) is the authority in time zones. It is the benchmark for Television, Sports and business/financial time references, and is thus the most important time zone in the world.
-- Yo, what time does the Broncos game start tomorrow?
-- 3:00 PM, I think
-- In Real People Time (RPT), please.
-- 5:00 PM then.
by C-Money Meyers August 12, 2011
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