Real Nigga syndrome is chronic disease that develops from a young age, when you are surrounded by pure realness. This disease is prevalent in the Hispanic and African American communities, and is lacking in caucasian ones.
Justin: Damn nigga you real as fuck
Sa'eed: Yea I know nigga, but thats because i hang around real niggas 24/7 bull.

Justin: Word up we both got that shit my nigga. G Shit.
Sa'eed: damn you developed that shit at a young age too.
Justin: Yup Real Nigga Syndrome
by Jaythoven March 22, 2017
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A state at which you have became so much of a real nigga that you can not die
Guy 1: Dude did you find out?
Guy 2: What man.
Guy 1: I have Real Nigga Syndrome
Guy 2: Ahh man that sucks, no dying and shit
by The Man Who Founded RNS March 8, 2014
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real nigga syndrome is what only real niggas have

its when you just a real nigga....... you take niggas bitches , dont fuck wit snitches , and stack up them digits , and yell out "free my nigga koo koo out the pen !"
keisha: deeaaammnnn look at tyrese girl

yolanda:yeahh i knoww aint he cute , too bad he got some type of syndrome

keisha: nahh girrl he just got real nigga syndrome

yolanda: oh in the name of jesus thank god, ima go have his babys real quick
by takeyabitchandhititquick May 28, 2016
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