Reagans are usually short with brown hair. They are always super nice and sweet. They are always there for you. If your friend is a Reagan you are very lucky. She will usually have a friend who's name starts with a D or an A. If you see her together with her best friend and it is not you, you better get jealous because you are not friends, and then you should try to become friends with her. Always respect a Reagan she may be small but she is feisty and she could KILL you if she wanted. She is a very good friend and when she gets a husband (if she does, LOL) they will live happily ever after. (P.S. I don't think anyone is worthy of a Reagan)
Reagan s an absolute baller.
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by #CHEESYUNICORN June 12, 2017
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Mentally insane. Smart yes , beautiful yes but she has secrets she's not afraid to tell you to piss off and punch you she knows how to stick for the people that she loves but immensely caring for animals and loves to read and a total bitch that messes with her even if it's a teacher or adult she don't care.

She's hot but I don't know she might break a bone or leave a couple cracks in your heart.
by Reagan 🍃 September 19, 2016
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Usually very small in size. They tend to be quite annoying at times but overall cool. They are known for being pretty but a bit of a bitch. They are known for having 2 main lovers a Robert or a Rayquan so if you aren't one of them chances are you don't have a chance. They hate splitting poles.
"Who's that flirting with Robert ,must be reagan."
"Who's rayquans girlfriend? Im pretty sure it's reagan"
by therealone076 April 17, 2017
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since reagans are so unique and ultracool, people always want to be one but can't. reagans are hot and BALLIN! don't mess with reagans.
A. wow look at that girl!
B. shes such a reagan.
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One of America's greatest Presidents. Presided over immense prosperity resulting from his informed and effective policies. Great communicator, effective diplomat and well versed on the issues. Mindless liberals who have no clue about economics and foreign policy despise him.
He beat that thief like Reagan beating Mondale.
by Mr. Conservative, II February 22, 2013
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