A person who cannot understand anything when reading.
I am such a readtard, i cant understand this book, let alone do the questions for it.
by Raymaas15 May 13, 2009
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Offensive remark for someone who misreads something you wrote.
Example 1:
Dick Cheney - I never said that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction, I said I want to drop weapons of mass destruction on Iraq. What are you readtarded or something?

Example 2:
Chris - I think you are wrong, I think Cain is fast.
Ed - I didn't say Cain wasn't fast I said Silva was slow. What are you readtarded or something?
by SEMFP June 14, 2013
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When you've studied/read for so long that you can no longer processes a thought, effectively reducing yourself to a state of mental retardation.
I've been at the library for 6 hours and now I'm readtarded.
by Benjamin Peter April 12, 2008
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There's simply no way to shield

against every weaponized agent.

But l can make

super-immune systems...

by strengthening

the human cellular response.

Banner, l know where you're going.

But manipulating the immune system

is dangerous and stupid.

The President's science advisors

made it absolutely clear.

No human subjects.

David, l have wonderful news.

l'm gonna have a baby.

Edith groaning

Edith yelling

Dramatic instrumental music

Tense instrumental music

Baby crying

Soothing female vocals

Baby babbling

What's it gonna be? Look at that.

Want the dinosaur? Come on,

let's have a little fight. Come on.

You don't scare me.

Bruce growling
"You are a readtardddddddddd"
by cumpant May 22, 2020
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