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Very hot. Kind with a crazy fun side. She will love you for you and not anyone else. She is really athletic and competitive. She is a really strong spiritual woman who is very independent.
She's a real Rayvin.
by tabbS May 19, 2015
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A girl who is very corrosive and sadistic, she is a very dark person to be around and who kill anyone in a heartbeat.
Omg jenny is such a rayvin, i thought she was gonna like kill me in bed

Don't be a rayvin do the mission correctly or we will all die!
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by RayvinMadoki August 01, 2018
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Rayvin is a all out amazing person they are adventurous and always down for a n y t h i n g loyal sensual and caring. They will always put others before themselves and accept you for who you are no matter what! Normally they are very creative, artistic and kinky . But don't think just because they are very chill doesn't mean they aren't aggressive, if you hurt someone a Rayvin cares about or mess with a Rayvin/ doubt their ability's and or strength you better pray for mercy!... Best not get on their bad side. Once you know a Rayvin you cant have a life without them their the whole package and if you know one you are lucky!

P.S Rayvins are ALWAYS down for a cuddle and VERY loyal they will NEVER leave you because to them any relationship weather it be a friend or lover is special and cant be replaced, don't break their trust
Person: "you're so lucky to be with someone like that.."
Person2: "yea someone who treats you like the world and will never let go..not to mention pretty"
Person dating Rayvin: " haha, well what can I say they're a Rayvin after all"
by treesaregud July 07, 2018
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