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When an immoral, unprincipled person makes an absurd statement that contradicts all the evidence in the hope of 'blinding' people (like the rays of the sun) from the truth. A rayism is most often used by an unscrupulous boss who persecutes staff to hide his own failings. Because a rayism makes ridiculous claims, it tends to convince nobody except the person making the statement.
Christopher informed his staff that the dreadful results in Lab IB were superior to the highly successful results in Lab A2 because they allowed far more room for improvement. A rayism has occurred because the failures were considered to better than the successes.
by Thorton Norse March 16, 2011
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The religion of Ray Lewis. This includes the worship, love, and adoration of all things Ray Lewis. Those who follow this search for their inner Lewis-ness in order to find their Ray. Once a "Rayist" finds this inner lewis-ness they can achieve the ultimate goal: finding their inner Ray. The worship of Ray Lewis ususally consists of watching and adoring all things Ray Lewis, playing Madden football with Ray Lewis and MURDERING EVERYTHING THAT LIVES, praying to the holy Ray Lewis, and usually performing sexual rituals to the thought, picture, or acts of Ray Lewis. Rayism is a highly practiced religion found all around the universe and its power is likely compared to that of christianity, islam, judaism, and many others.
I practice Rayism.
I am a Rayist.
I go to the holy church of Ray.
Ray Lewis has a huge penis
by WORLDS BIGGEST RAY FAN November 02, 2010
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