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A RayMoLee is a slang term for a type of douchie skateboarder from California. They can usually be found either pretending that they know how to skateboard at the park, or prowling the mall looking for 16 year old <strike>boys</strike> girls to hit on (even thought they're probably at least 30). If attacked by a RayMoLee have no fear, they are most likely just trying to take out aggression after losing their last remaining testicle in a horrific ollie accident and with their now lowered testosterone they will most likely just resort to passive aggressive facebook arguments. The only known way to befriend a RayMoLee is by assisting in removing the shards of old skateboard decks now lodged up their bung holes, but this effort is futile as another piece always ends up lodged up there sooner or later.
"You see that RayMoLee at Zumiez the other day?! I wasn't sure if the dewd was walking funny because of the lack of balls, or the stick up his ass, but the accident has certainly improved his singing voice."
by MrsCheese February 20, 2015
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