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The most sexually attractive man alive, he is well known for his large penis and strong muscles. People usually named "Rawad" tend to be gentle and kind on the outside, but strong and courageous on the inside. People with the name Rawad have lived rough lives and have ventured far beyond human comprehension to the depths of the sub conscious to find the true meaning of their existence. They usually spend most of their day working hard, and earning a good days worth of salary to then go home to his sexy wife for a good sexual time.
Guy 1: Hey man have you seen that new movie? It was so Rawad!
Guy 2: Nah man, but if it's Rawad then I should see it as soon as possible!
by LeadMax June 03, 2013
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A person of lebanese origins who has a secret life most of you don't know about
I have a rawad most of you don't know about
by Mustafa April 04, 2005
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The second most beautiful woman in the world. Also see Wisam.
You may be a Rawad, but your no Wisam.
by Mustafa El-Hadi March 31, 2005
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tall blond guy...confused making everyone around him confused as well..
the defenition of a player & totally stupid tryin 2 play close friends:P..alaways high n happy bout it.but despite all hes a caring person loves to help people
ps: AKA: roodz
mimz:have u seen roodz lately?
zul:its been a while,busy with his bitches
keekx:damn that boy never gets tired
mimz:wat a fuck!!
zul:wat an asshole!!
keekx:wat a rawad!!
by zulia February 26, 2009
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"Rawad" is usually a word used for homosexual people,and usually men. It is also used in lebanon in some places as for a donkey with huge ears.
JASON:He is so gay
JACK: i think we should say rawad instead of "gay".
JASON:Yes you are right !
by True and Honest February 18, 2016
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