A girl/women who is just fucking awesome. She is hot, can talk shit but also be classy, knows sports, drinks beer and cocktails and is even liked by your parents.
Dude, I met this girl at the bar last night, she was a 10, drank whiskey and plays Halo, she's a real Raw Bitch.
by bhawks19 November 2, 2010
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A Hoe Who Fucks Anybody
Yo You Remember Stacy From High School I Heard Shes A Raw Bitch Now
by Akaj3grjjr December 27, 2016
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A bitch that is so immeasurably bitchy, that simply calling her a bitch just won't suffice.
Damn, dawg, shit! That coke-slut Nancy is just a raw bitch, yo!
by Anonymous666666 February 8, 2006
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Raw Bitch Fever happens when you become fed up of being cheated, stepped on , and pushed around by a nigga who got so called gangsta fever knowing you were always there for him and keep it real from day one. You no longer require the love or attention from the opposite sex or any other fake ass people. So you start getting yo shit together and work hard to start stunting on a broke nigga or bitch. And Once You Go RAW , you’ll never go back .
Oh Shit bro nawl she got raw bitch fever that bitch crazy !.
by QueenOfRawBitches July 8, 2019
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not rapping it before you tap it..
If he loves you, he'll fuck a bitch raw.
by madalyyyn February 11, 2017
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