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Ravo is short for Ravenswood a shit hole suburb in Launceston Tasmania Australia. Everyone there is incestous, and has the herpes people there are so poor they eat dog food for a living. They all do hard drugs you always see six year olds running around smoking Pot naked. People there have no cars they always seen to steal the same car from each other all the time. all the girls in ravo are always getting pregnant to get the baby bonus to buy more drugs. .All ravos go into Centrelink and make up some kind of Disability so they can get the DSP Disability Support Pension to get more drugs.
look at that guy over there scratching his herpes and eating dog food

yeah he is a Ravo
by tassiedevil1989 January 21, 2013
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ravo is a lovely little place in launceston tasmania.
its quite feral and pov. full of housing commission houses.
and feral kids running around doing drugs and getting drunk.
never walk alone, you might get raped or shot. stay in your car.
go to relbia. or relbo as its also known as.
janie went up ravo the other day and got shot.

when i think of ravo, i think of feral.

i drove past the ravo skate park and there was 5 year olds smoking dope
by hates rangastang April 29, 2008
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short for "Ravenswood", a housing commision suburb in the city Launceston, Tasmania, Australia.

Ravo can be used to describe the suburb itself, or its inhabitants.
1. gotta go up to ravo to pick up some stuff.

2. some ravo flipped out at the bus driver.
by Chicken.Nugget February 28, 2005
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