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It's roots Originating from the cartoon series Adventure Time the Unicorn character lady Rainicorn, the name was further modified to become pronounced Ray-Vic-corn spelled Ravicorn. With the intention of deriving the name from adventure time without stealing Rainicorn it was appropriate to use "Rav" Instead of "rain" Female Dj Britnie Burnett gave birth to the name when she created a Dj Stage name that suited her Unicorn logo, a name that represented the image for a unicorn-raver or raver-unicorn. Pairing up her modeling name Berlin with Her Dj producer name then became Berlin Ravicorn, and Ravicorn is also the name of her clothing line which consists of her customized my little pony unicorn Pegasus with saint lucifers cross on the forehead and a pentagram star on the hip of the unicorn. As of today nobody else has named themselves Ravicorn.
Berlin Ravicorn
Ravicorn Apparel
Ravicorn mash up
Ravicorn remix
I'm a Ravicorn
by Berlin_ravicorn August 20, 2014
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