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Raunds is a town in east northants, famous for being the home of legendary ski personality Eddie the Eagle and the base of operations for the RDC who meet in the respected drinking establishment "The Cockroach and Ferret" The 'RDC' or Raunds Drinking Crew are a varied group of bikers and other web footed drunks.
Uninformed Raunds citizen: "So what does RDC stand for?"

Knowledgable Raunds citizen: "Well not a lot of people know this but it was originally a warning cry meaning: Raunds! Dont Cum! (in your sister or your mother)"
by swimslikeaduck February 04, 2010
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To not do one's appointed work; or to perform it so shoddily that someone else must re-do it.
I was looking forward to a quiet afternoon, but now I have to do Johnny's work because he Raun'd it.
by CTPyro September 19, 2003
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The act of being fucked over by some dipshit asshole with only concern for himself.
Johnny made a deal to buy Pauls computer, at the last minute Johnny backed out because he decided he wanted a Tricycle "Raun"ing Paul out of the money.
by Noneof UrBuisness September 18, 2003
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