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(Pronounced Ra-pi-Dose) A play on the Spanish word rapidos, which means "quickly". Rapi-dos essentially means 'hurry up".
Steve: I need to run upstairs and grab my phone charger.

Kyle: Boy, you better rapi-dos! We're already 5 minutes late!
by May 10, 2011
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More properly defined as "Rapido, The." Literally, "The Quickly," The Rapido can most closely be described as an intimate procedure "like drilling for oil, hitting the oil, but still going."

Use of The Rapido can have cataclysmic consequences, not least among which is a sense of violation by those upon whom The Rapido has been employed. The Rapido has been blamed for the tsunamis which yearly devastate the Pacific, the Gulf War, the Ford Pinto, and Jersey Shore.
I'd give her The Rapido.
by TT3N March 26, 2011
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