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..::when you are the 'it' you are the rapist.

..::Instead of saying 'you're it' you say 'RAPE!'

..::Now that person is the 'rapist'

Where should be played: This game should normally be played in a pool. This is because, you are able to touch the ground, and more skin is showing which means MORE FUN!

Number of players: There has to be at least one guy and one girl, the more the better! But you have to have the same amount of guyz and girls to play fair. If you dont like to play fair... then...

Tip: you go after the one you like, have a crush on, your boyfriend/girlfriend (duh), or the hottest one there.

rules: you can tag in the water, under the water, around the pool, on the diving board, on a water slide, just anywhere near the pool. The person that gets tagged A LOT or gets the most points wins.

Points: You get points for tagging ppl in different places. Heres how the points are scored...

Butt ( Y )= 10pts

boobs ( . Y . )= 25pts each

vagina/penis (no pic)/ 8==D = 100pts

*anywhere else on the body = 0 points
Tiffany "Let's play some rape tag..."
Jenny "omg Tiffany is the RAPIST!!!"
Tiffany "UR MOM's the rapist!"
Jenny ::swims::
Tiffany ::tags dude:: "RAPE!!!"
Dude "FUCK!"
Tiffany "That's what UR MOM said!" ::laughs::
Dude "I'm the rapist..."
Tiffany "That's what SHE said!"
Jenny "who said RAPE!?!"
Tiffany "UR MOM!"
by Kevin N' Kyle and Company October 21, 2005
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A game in which a player must rape someone, who then becomes "it," who must then rape someone else. There is no boundary between players and non-players, making any person eligible to be raped. Tagging back, or raping the person who raped you, is not permitted. Also, the intercourse must be obviously against the will of the person who is being raped --- i.e. not drunk, asleep, etc.; the person must be wide awake and clearly indicated he/she does not approve of this sexual encounter. After the rape occurs, the rapist must yell, "You're IT!!" and explain or leave an explanation with the person, so that the game may continue.

After the person is raped, they have 24 hours to rape another person. After the 24 hours, everyone who has been it before may then rape the person who is now it until that person gives in and rapes someone new.

The person who begins the game is called the buckler, and the person who is raped by the buckler is called the starlet.
Hank: This video game is really getting boring.
John: What else is there to do?
Hank: Do you want to play rape tag?
Ron: Did I hear rape tag? I love rape tag! Who's gonna be the buckler?
by Dence Wudlens October 26, 2007
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