1. (Noun) Someone who defends rapists with full knowledge of the crimes they have committed

2. (Noun) someone who claims a victim of rape is the one at fault for an assault, most commonly using bullshit excuses such as "they shouldn't have been dressed so revealingly"
"He defended that guy!? Geez he must be a rape apologist"
by Don't-even-try-me March 20, 2018
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Someone who downplays the seriousness of rape even though they might not condone rape themselves. For example they may regularly publicly doubt women's valid claims of rape, or refer to incidences of rape as a "She said, He said" scenario.
When I heard him say “Some people are trying it on, Let’s be serious about this. There are people who have claimed that they’ve been raped and came to Australia to seek an abortion because they couldn’t get an abortion on Nauru", it seemed fitting to label him as a rape apologist.

The rape apologist said "I wasn't provided with the she said, he said details of the allegation"
by mrpootatohead December 9, 2021
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1. A person who defends acts of rape, usually by claiming that rape is not a serious crime or that people do not need to give consent to sex.

2. (informal) Any person who suggests that women may be able to take precautions to reduce their chances of being raped, such as carrying a concealed weapon for self defense or avoiding places where crime is likely while alone at night.
"This crazy bitch called me a rape apologist when I wrote an article about how people can stay safe on a night out"
by Speedyblupi June 26, 2016
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Someone who doesn't appreciate the gravity of rape or believes the victim of rape bears some responsibility in bring raped
Bukky stop being a rape apologist and address the issue for as it is
by Agba June 16, 2020
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