Raneys are beautiful blondes with blue eyes, they are usually goody two shoes, that keep a clean reputation, and have a friend that can set a pretty good bad example. Raneys, always think that they are not liked by boys even when they are. Raneys are not slutty. They take their time and wait for a good guy to come along. Raneys are the best way to go, if you're looking for a good genuine girl, who you can trust. Raneys are very smart and also involved. School comes first before anything when it comes to Raneys. Raneys are highly intelligent, and wise, but they do have high standards when it comes to certain things, witch can be good and bad. So if you find yourself a Raney be patient, and kind, and loving, cause that's someone you are going to want to hold onto.
"That Raney girl is hot, but she seems annoying"
"No dude, she just has high standards and is looking for the right guy."
by Claire Ramsey August 20, 2015
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A very nice person lots of friends, olive skin and blue eyes with blondish hair,
Guy 1:hey have you seen raney?!?
Guy 2:oh ya see is with her friends
Guy1:oh man
Everyone always likes raney see is a roll model, smart in school,unique,petit and pretty!!! Smart but acts and answers your questions in the lite silly way!!
hawt smart raney whataraney
by Vanessa smith November 17, 2013
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a course of action either a fucktard or a moron would take. i.e. calling 911 on your own party.
Jon pulled a Raney on Monday during school.
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Used to label someone who is so fucking retarded he called 911 on his on underage drinking party
You Asshat you really did pull a raney...

Haha Palmer look at these shits they pulled a raney....
by Mrs. Shuss April 27, 2004
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A hard working young beautiful perfect goddess who deserves more than what she has and takes more bullshit than she has to.
by Aries the Coaltrain November 10, 2017
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Used to describe a badass. sometimes know as Kev, Raney, The bandit, and Jesus . To be a "Kevin Raney" one must posses:a beard, abnormally large genitals,skol vodka, and the love of picking heavy ass shit up and dubstep.
A wild kevin may be approaching if you notice one of these signs:

•you hear
-wub wub wub
-45s clinging together
-screaming as if falling from sky

•you see
-chrome 20s

• you smell
- fruit roll up deodorant

If you encounter a wild " kevin Raney " do not approach . May be armed and dangerous .
by Bandit 420 yolo swag 666 February 6, 2014
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The hottest,most gorgeous, and perfect queen to ever walk the face of this earth. She slayyys so much. She got a booty tho.
Erica Raney -Danggg whos that fine dime?
by Nichole6382 April 5, 2016
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