Meeting up with people that you may or may not know for random activities.

Commonly used (and misused) on Facebook.
Tony: "That cute chick from the coffee shop hit me up and wants to know if I wanna go sky diving."

Jamal: "What the fuck? You barely even say hi to her each morning."

Tony: "That's the beauty of being open to Random play."


Amy: "This strange guy off of Facebook wants to go grab some coffee on Tuesday."

Melissa: "Well, you DO have Random Play in your "interested in" section."

Amy : "True, Well Joanne seems to be a mutual friend. I'll ask her what this guys like."
by Crystella Marie January 25, 2010
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An option on facebook advertising one's willingness to engage in acts of sex, without becoming emotionally attached. While not necessarily meaning "fuck buddy". Random play does give the impression that one is open and secure with their body and sexual feelings, it also demonstrates a willingness to experiment.
Stephanie and John are both interested in random play. They meet and end up having sex.
by PCMDCG July 10, 2007
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kissing, having sex or fooling around with people you barely know. no strings attached. used on as an option for what you're looking for.
That one guy's picture was hot, and I usually see him in the elevator, so I wrote him a message that he should hit me up for some random play.
by Jane100000 October 13, 2005
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Someone who has sex with a stranger or someone in their group of friends who they don't want a relationship with
No I don't wanna be with him/her it was just some random play!
by justdance11 March 08, 2011
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