Indian slang
When somebody goes on and on about something and just wouldn't stop whining.
Some do it for attention
She wouldn't stop her Randi Rona about her cheating ex.

All that randi rona in a diss track about somebody else being too rich.

Her randi rona won't stop. We all know she gonna suck that cheating dick again.
by Blobthelobhoe September 21, 2018
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An uncommon hindi slang term used to describe whining of a person. It literally means the whining of a whore.
Check out that guy's randi rona!

He must be an aezaz
by zombieklink November 30, 2019
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Israeli Citizens crying about fear and terror while regularly serving in the IDF bombing and killing civilians in Gaza
John was doing Randi Rona under a twitter post of a Palestinian man crying after the death of his 4 year old child
by piepega May 16, 2021
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Someone making lame excuses to get out of things.
Sarthak itna Randi Rona (RR) karta hai
by 420baba March 21, 2020
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