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Randazzo is the world’s most prestigious surname known around the world. The origin is of course Italian clearly the world’s most famous country. Randazzo's are the most beautiful Men and Women and if any one would ever use the name in a negative light it is clearly because they are extremely jealous not to be with or a Randazzo. Randazzo men are know for being intelligent, handsome and carry a large package. Women usually stalk Randazzo men and will not stop pursuing him until she has experienced the package.
I wish I could be a Randazzo!
by Can't Be May 16, 2010
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V. To trick ones teacher into thinking that the homework due today was completed by showing a homework from another day
V. To trick
I can't believe you would Randazzo me like that, I'm not stupid!
Yea man I totally Randazzoed my teacher today, he's so stupid.
by Timmy Mic January 14, 2012
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unwanted male attention, specifically from older married men or a man with a small penis.
"Oh my god Julie, I was at the mall yesterday when this creeper hit me with the full on Randazzo, right in front of his wife!"


"Haha I didn't know you were a Randazzo, put your pants on and let's just be friends"
by ballabeeeee February 02, 2010
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Randazzo is a fucked up family. To be a Randazzo someone in your family had to go to a metal hospital, be a drinker, gamble, have depression, be bi polar, gone through a divorce, cheated on their spouse, take medication ..etc. But you have to be caring and take everything personal, try to do the right thing and you are dreamers.
My familys so Randazzo latley.

Were all acting Randazzo.
by blank randazzo November 02, 2006
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