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British term. It all starts with the theft of a large vehicle, likely a truck (lorry in Brit parlance) or perhaps a van. Stolen vehicle is then driven through the plate glass window of a shop, perhaps a Best Buy (Dixon's). Selected shop is then raided for goodies by occupants of the vehicle, at which point thieves make off with the loot. Steal a truck, crash it into the shop and piss off with a bunch of junk in your arms and pockets. Ideal way to pass an evening or early morning. Popular activity with chavs when they run out of ciggies.
Fuckin chavs nicked a lorry and ramraided Tescos. Ran off with a bunch of baked bean frozen pizzas and prawn cocktail crisps.
by yobung December 14, 2005
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To change lanes and slip it in the back side of your partner mid romp with out her permission and much to her peril.
Janine doesn't really take it up the arse so I ram raided her during doggy.
I live at my mum's now.
by Kentin January 28, 2009
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