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Getting Peen all up in ya!
Getting intensely boned over and over again
Allowing yourself to be injected very roughly
Yo Taco i got some epic Rammage last night, made me leak juices and wadd til the sun came up!
by Nacho Whillsbury. April 18, 2011
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A crazy young man that will do absolutely anything for a laugh. Often known as 'Rambo' for his death defying acts.
Once amazed onlookers when he proceeded to act out, an act of God, by walking on water!
Shortly there after followed by a belly flop!
Smokes far too much weed, and eats ecstasy pills for breakfast! Double helpings.
Will whisper sweet nothings in your ear... and YES... it WILL make you go weak in the knees.
"Did you see that?? He just pulled off a Rammage"

"Nobody's crazy enough to do that, are they?"
"er, yeah... Rammage will!"
by Paul Christian Taylor July 30, 2006
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when playing halo and you ram sum1 with the ghost or warthog.
(gus runs over me in the ghost)he stands up and yells RAMMAGE!!!!!
by nastynate September 07, 2003
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