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n - holiday; during a specific period, Pastafarians must eat nothing but Ramen noodles, in order to feel the pain of poor college students who are unable to purchase anything but this particular food. It is also best to be dressed in full pirate attire for this holy time.
Pastafarian1: dude are you fasting for Ramendan?
Pastafarian2: nah man
Pastafarian1: the FSM shall smite you and throw you into the Hot Sauce!
by Eric von Douchebag September 13, 2008
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Ramendan comes around the same time as Ramadan, and indeed the two holiday periods have their similarities. One of the major differences between the two, however , is that Pastafarians do not fast or pray, as doing so would conflict with their flimsy moral standards. Instead, Pastafarians spend a few days of the month eating only Ramen noodles and remembering back to their days as starving college students.

This simple act teaches Pastafarians to be happy about what they’ve accomplished, and if they haven’t accomplished anything yet, to at least be happy they they are Pastafarians. At the end of Ramendan, Pastafarians are encouraged to give their extra Ramen to those who are more needy." - Bobby Henderson (pasta be upon him )
I have been touched by his noodly appendage... I need to get to the market and pick up the 10-for-a-dollar ramen noodles so I can properly celebrate Ramendan.
by leendadll July 09, 2013
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A period of time where one eats only Ramen noodles.
Esp. common in college students or people who are in a financial crisis.
Annie: Hey baby, do you wanna go out for dinner tonight?
James: Not unless you're buying. I'm so broke that I had to go on ramendan.
by Elizabeth Grace November 14, 2007
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