A Pompous, self-serving drunkard who routinely behaves like a spoiled 12 year old when things don't go his way. Detested by clear-thinking people (read people NOT heavily involved in Oil & Gas) because of his complete and utter lack of a social conscience. If you're rich, you will like him. If you're like the rest of us, you will hate him.
I didn't vote for Ralph Klein because the last time I did, he rewarded me with a higher electricity bill, higher auto insurance premiums, and he blew up the biggest hospital in my city! :(
by Fecologist November 30, 2004
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Premier of Alberta. Debt-eliminator. Implementor of progressive policy leading to superior wealth creation opportunities for all Albertans.

Known in some quarters as King Ralph.
Thanks to Ralph Klein, Alberta is debt-free and unlike Saskatchewan, is also free of communism.
by pitz September 3, 2004
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The best leader the fine Province of Alberta has ever seen. He has rid the province of rats, debt, Provincial sales tax and unfair rules and regulations within the business community and the Oil Patch. Ralph Klein is a conservative, and has brought Alberta's GDP per capita to the number one spot in the country with help from the Oil and Gas industry. Currently, Alberta now pays for the maritime provinces, nunavut, and the northwest territories to exist from revenues from just the province. Ralph's believe in equal treatment for ALL citizens even the rich who are severely taxed for contributing the most to the economic prosperity we all enjoy. He supports fair policies including fair taxation policy for all levels of income earners, not just taxing the rich, and letting the poor pay for nothing. Ralph Klein isn't afraid of being honest and will speak his mind without fear of left-wing cry-babbies making a fuss about the truth. Also, despite his trouble with alcohol, he still managed to lead the province away from economic disaster whilst under the influence.

Now that our great leader is sober, the province has never been better.

"You can't keep spending a buck-ten, when you only have a buck." - The Honourable Ralph Klein
Hey did you see Ralph pwn that commie scumbag?

Ralph Klein will crush the debt and communism with his laser-gun eyesight.
by calg-student February 27, 2006
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Just like the famous premier of Alberta, showing up to work extremely hung over and only able to complete the minimum required as a result of the previous night's bender.
Cornelius: "Cleatus looks like death and he is sure is stacking those pallets slowly"
Carlton: "That is because he is Ralph Klein-ing it today".
by phbl August 2, 2010
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