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(noun)derived from the popular Korean Singer Bi's (Rain) song "Rainism" it describes any action that would likely be undertaken or performed by Rain. Used when describing those who attempt to imitate Rain.
Typically in the US that outfit would not be acceptable, but clearly he is attempting a Rainism.
by ersutton January 17, 2009
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A long lost religion founded in 1000 B.C.E. This religion has many gods and goddesses. Among them are:
Katie, Goddess of the Bubble and Laughter
Raina, Goddess of Writing
Jaime, Goddess of the Theatre
Lynzee, Goddess of the Rainbow
Morgan, Goddess of the Opera
Nathan, God of the Jedi

Only few know about the religion. No textbook will tell you anything about it, for it was only discovered on ancient runes in North America a few days ago.
"Hey, what religion are you?"

"I follow the teachings of Rainism!"
by The Rainism Master December 04, 2012
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