A ROBLOX military group where high ranks admin abuse and detain you for no reason
Robloxian1: I just got detained for escaping detainment
Robloxian2: Why are you wasting your time on USAR
by brayden zyang sga September 13, 2020
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A USAR Moderator is one who either has no life, or is friends with a high rank.

Usually known as the roots of the discord, they are the people who make the roblox lego discord is together.

They are usually overweight.

The most active and best moderator is 7cids.
Hey, did you join the new USAR?

Yes.. the USAR Moderators are out of control! They are just so good, but the best would have to be 7cids.
by hhahhe July 26, 2021
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