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Seattle’s cesspool neighbor to the south, made of up of mostly minorities such as African Americans, Hispanics, Asians, and mixed races. Rainier Beach is known as the “Ghetto” because of its fame of frequent shootings, gang related activity, and high crime rates. Most of those who live in Rainier Beach fall below the poverty line and are known as “Welfare Dwellers”. The architecture are often of poor grade. Most buildings have not been maintained. Landscaping consists of garbage, graffiti, and homeless people. Although not a favorable place to live, it is often a tourist attraction for white people. Driving through RB while pointing out the homeless people, and playing “Spot the Gangster” or “I Spy a Hooker” are also popular games.Young adult/adult men can often be seen wearing their pants down to their knees, wearing either red/black or blue/black color combinations, and wearing stolen shoes. Shoes are very important in Rainier Beach. If you should accidentally step on a persons shoes you should immediately vacate the area, or expect a shooting to occur. Young women/adult women can often be seen wearing shiny, colorful beads or yarn woven throughout their hair. Do not be tempted to touch these beasts. They also tend to sport what is known as “hooker”-wear, or excessively tight clothing, often showing off their protruding large bellies and fat bottoms. Both the male and female occupants of Rainier Beach will smell of Vanilla air freshener and swisher sweets.
Example #1

Person 1: "Dude, why do you smell like Swisher Sweets, Vanilla car freshener and what happened to your shoes?!"

Person 2: "I went to Rainier Beach."

Example #2

Person 1: "Wow, I can't believe I got shot."

Person 2: "You were in Rainier Beach."

Example #3

Person 1: "Is that a hooker in my living room?!"

Person 2: "Nah, nigga, that's my baby momma"
by CoffeeCups June 21, 2010
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