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Des Moines, Washington, (not to be confused with the other Des Moines,) is a scenic suburb of Seattle. Aside from it's beauty, it's really more like a bubble. Everyone knows everyone and everyone's mom, which STD everyone got, and everyone that got an MIP or a DUI that weekend. In the 2 mile span of "downtown" Des Moines, there are about thirteen bars, (think about it, yes there are), one Taco Time, one QFC and one Marina. Overall, it's a pretty nice place to live, with limited crime, besides the prostitutes on Pac Highway and all of the super badass high school drug dealers. Des Moines is the classier cousin of Burien, the slutty Aunt of Normandy Park, and the boring sister of Federal Way.
A: Hey, Jimmy, did you go to Mount Rainier High School?

B: Duh, I've lived in Des Moines, WA my whole life. My mom, uncles, and all of my friends went there too!

2A: Damn, look at those Mount Rainier High School kids getting arrested in the Jack in the Box parking lot.

2B: That's Des Moines, WA for you. Hey I really want some onion rings, let's walk over there.
by Jimmy Mc. Deen May 19, 2011
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