The horrible adverse effects of eating at a Taco Bell in Mexico. Symptoms include with one day of horrible, horrible farting that you can't control and has the odor of garlic and strained peas mixed with whatever eaten in the last 48 hours. The second day, no symptoms, you feel fine. The third day, you become incontinent, spewing forth a dark brown foul substance with the consistency of chicken broth. This is EXTREMELY PAINFUL and the shit's temperature has been recorded at twice your body's internal. The constant crappage will not cease for a minimum of three days from hell.
Man, we had to carry a screaming, shitting Fred all the way to his hotel toilet and had to ditch his jeans in the lobby because they were too waterlogged and heavy! He didn't stop until he had crapped in several people's coffees, on dresses, on the concierge's desk, and all the way to his forth floor room. Unfortunately, we discovered he had died of Raging Ass
by Spencer Davis May 6, 2008
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A guy who pulls out the toilet in your house while your not home and puts in a fake toilet so that he can fit inside it. Later when you go to tke a shit, he rapes you anally and ragingly.
Wife: Oh, that's just a raging ass raper in the shitter.
by t-niggs432 October 18, 2006
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The state of unexpected and terrifyingly violent diarrhea that coughs, splutters and gushes in a manner reminiscent of the vomiting that occurs when infected with the RAGE virus in the movie "28 Days Later."
"Where is Steve?"
"In the Bathroom, don't go in- he has Ass Rage"
by Magnus Ultracock March 20, 2009
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