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Raghad is a person, paradise, an angel among us. Raghad is someone whose filled with kindness, has the purest heart there is, The sweetest smile and the deepest of all eyes. When you fall in love with a Raghad you’ll surrender yourself, emotions, senses and rules. Raghad does make everything worth living, with her, life is more enjoyable. Raghad is a must, raghad is a breath you so desperately need it or else you may suffocate. Raghad is a torch that never gets dark, a torch brighter than Sirius. Raghad is a solid rock when you need someone to hold you with the widest shoulders to cry on. Raghad is the prettiest and the most gorgeous girl in every room. Raghad is for life everything else is replaceable, so thankful that I have found my Raghad.
I love Raghad so fucking much!
by حح December 17, 2019
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A girl which is a whole world ! An angle it self !

Her eyes are a universe full of life and stars .. her smile takes you back to heaven ---> where she blongs to .

My lady
Raghad is world

The soul of the soul

Soul reveal /s.r/ for her ❤
by A man from her world January 03, 2018
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Raghad is an Arabic name written in the quran its among the words god said to Adam and Eve in heaven.
it means happy,pleasurable,pleasant and luxurious life.
basically a life in heaven .
a girl with this name will give you joy in life will give you comfort and happiness, ohhh gooood she is life's heaven.
that girl Raghad she is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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an extremely cool girl. that everybody wants to be like. and lots of girls want to be her.

"dammnnn that girl raghad is hot."

"get off of her shes mine"

they fight over her!

by sexyyycani October 15, 2008
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a light in your life that will shine even brighter when things go dark , a beautiful blessing sent to few individuals. a heart so pure giving others so much joy.
raghad is the best thing that has ever happened to me.
by RAGHADMS June 15, 2019
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A thing, a person, or a heaven that fills someone’s heart with complete perfection. This term had to be separated and written completely separate from the other synonyms as perfection because its on a whole level of perfection that is incomparable. Mostly given to a perfect creature, originally a heavenly description of an angel that makes one’s world the brightest place. Also, most of time, any person that falls for such a thing gets blinded by her perfect bright light. You can never love anything more than a person named Raghad and also is Raghadly.

All in all, if it’s a person, it’s the most beautiful heaven of an angel that can exist in the brightest world that is so purely angelic material that makes ur heart fall out of place.
Raghad is so much like heaven, you feel like you’re in Raghadland

Raghad: Perfectest Perfected Perfection
by Someone so in love with Raghad December 06, 2019
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