The term Rage Monkey is fairly generic and applies either to a person who is given to sudden fits of anger about almost any subject or someone who simply explodes without any obvious cause; it is not enough that the individual is angry but must exhibit their rage like a violent storm that dispurses as swifty as it arrived. A Rage Monkey may also be inclined to explode intermittently on their favourite pet-hate. Rage Monkeys are usually funny to watch as they transform, unless you are the target of their rage.
All I did was ask if she had a good day and she transformed into a Rage Monkey!
by Vengeful Spirit December 6, 2011
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clip all your pubic hairs and gather in a zip lock bag, cum in the face of a girl, then pull out the bag of pubic hair and toss it at her face. thus, infuriating her to chase after you with her arms wailing
if you want to get back at a girl, cum in her face, throw the pubic hair at her and run like hell! cause now a raging monkey is chasing you!
by ben pon March 26, 2008
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Monkey rage genetics are the innevitability for a nigger to become aggressive for seemingly no apparant reason at all.
Spending no longer than 30 minutes with a black you will start to sense their monkey rage genetics being activated.
by bringbackthechains July 9, 2016
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When you insert at least half of your tongue into the rectum then swirl your tongue in a circular motion until bowels move.
The Winston monkey rage we tried made a huge mess, but it was totally worth it.
by PoshLord May 30, 2016
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An unreal intense fucking motion where your hips are like a semi auto machine gun, while screaming like a monkey put on acid, and at the climax, screaming FATALITY right before you cum.
While during intercourse, Bob got excited and screamed "test monkey rage mode" after that night, Sarah never walked again.
by bigbooty215 May 4, 2015
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A saying when you're acting pissy but you aren't mad ^^

2. Taylor is such a raging banana monkey
by The.Person.In.Your.Closet December 4, 2010
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