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Referring to ones own past or future intent to "rage"rage. Often referring not just to partying generally but specifically to how much alcohol you have consumed or will consume in the near future. Implicit in this boasting is that raging increases ones status as a sweet dude sweet dude. Rage call is a subcategory of a self call (self call).
frat boy 1: I played like 5 games of pong before noon on Green Key Weekend.

fb 2: Rage Call.

girl 1: I'm so hungover from the 7 shots I took last night.
girl 2: rage call.
by NobodyRagesAnymore? December 02, 2011
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A phone call from from an acquaintance, business associate, co-worker, friend, relative, loved one or even a total stranger; to where the caller invokes a large degree of emotion rage that is conveyed verbally over the phone at any point during the phone call. Rage Calls are generally in the form of a verbal attack, insult, put-down, general dis or an issue conveyed in an aggressive, hostile or vulgar nature.
Boyfriend: (answers phone) - Hello?
Girlfriend: What are you doing?
Boyfriend: I'm still at work. I got stuck on a project that has totally engrossed me.
Girlfriend: I've been waiting for you to come home! What am I supposed to do... just sit around waiting for you!?!? You could have at least called me to let me know your going to be later than what you said!!!! You *&^%ing $^#hole! (hangs up on boyfriend)

Boyfriend to co-worker: Dude- my girlfriend doesn't understand my job. She just rage called me and hung up on me.
by BMAC the Latina Lover February 06, 2011
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