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A phone call from from an acquaintance, business associate, co-worker, friend, relative, loved one or even a total stranger; to where the caller invokes a large degree of emotion rage that is conveyed verbally over the phone at any point during the phone call. Rage Calls are generally in the form of a verbal attack, insult, put-down, general dis or an issue conveyed in an aggressive, hostile or vulgar nature.
Boyfriend: (answers phone) - Hello?
Girlfriend: What are you doing?
Boyfriend: I'm still at work. I got stuck on a project that has totally engrossed me.
Girlfriend: I've been waiting for you to come home! What am I supposed to do... just sit around waiting for you!?!? You could have at least called me to let me know your going to be later than what you said!!!! You *&^%ing $^#hole! (hangs up on boyfriend)

Boyfriend to co-worker: Dude- my girlfriend doesn't understand my job. She just rage called me and hung up on me.
by BMAC the Latina Lover February 06, 2011
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A person (usually a female) who uses seemingly subtle or inconsequential text messages, body language, or short tone of voice to begin a surprise emotional attack against a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife or Ex. The attack usually results in catastrophic relationship damage.

A person engaging in the planning and execution of heinous acts intended to kill relationships and scare off potential relationship committment.
*** Phone Call ***
Girlfriend: What is wrong with you?
Boyfriend: Nothing.
Girlfriend: Your treat me as if your indifferent to me.
Boyfriend: I'm just tired.
Girlfriend: I can't take this anymore! You never give me attention!...... Your not sensitive to my needs! *** Hangs up ***

Boyfriend: ..... *thinks "Where the effe did that come from? That bitch as a total emotional terrorist..."
by BMAC the Latina Lover September 18, 2010
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