a girl that is caramel-skinned and very fun to be around.has lots of friends and will do anything to be for them at all times,yet has alot of haters on her back but doesn't care .she is very silly,pretty,and even the cutest boys will do anything to be with her
Cutest boy 1: i was looking at this girl and i just couldn't stop staring at her cuz she so darn pretty

Cutest boy 2:that's a Ragan i'll kill to be with that sexy mama
by #yutrippin' December 30, 2015
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The most beautiful and determined girl on the planet, has the kindest heart out of anyone and can always make you smile. Shes loyal and will never let you down.
guy#1: Dude that girl is so hot...she made my day by just smiling at me
guy#2: yeah shes a total ragan
by kshegfuygaefbba December 25, 2016
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A very tall girl . Has lots of friends and many haters but doesn't care. Likes only two boys at a time. Has a very good singing voice and is very good at drawing. will do anything for her friends.
friend #1 she so tall she a total ragan
by shuut up March 2, 2017
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The sweetest, cutest,best,silliest girl ever this name is gaven to the smart cute beautiful adorable kind helpful weird perfect girl ever she is always there for u and she cares for her friends and family so much
#1 guy: that girl ragan made my day by speaking to me
#2guy: u guys look like u belong together
by Daboss32482 June 25, 2017
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Someone who...
1. has 7 boyfriends at once.
2. Never shuts up about those boyfriends.
3. Is skinny, but has HUGE BOOBS
4. Is brunette, but should be blonde.
1. Me: "5...6...7. jesus. how many boyfriends can you get?"
2. "and like he was so sweet to me! oh and then the other one...(etc)"
4. "Is it cold in Alaska?"
by TechnicolorfulLife April 3, 2008
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thinks he’s hella cool n quirky cos he smokes weed n skates. incredibly irrelevant. skinnier than a twig but i suppose makes up in other departments
friend: joe ragan told me he loved me then ignored me becos of commitment issues

me: omg me too!
by posersk8 August 3, 2020
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aka reggin, gets rashes from everything, especially the TB, known for her winking and that evil smile, Mmm Bop leading keyboardist, and ultimate pole dancer.
last friday night, when i was five alivin it, i broke out into an mmbop jammin session, but all of a sudden, a large rash began to take over my body, so i ragan gibsoned it with my wink and smile and went down to the basement for a fun night filled of friends trivia.
by brit March 24, 2004
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