Short for Radical Liberal. Used as an insult among leftist groups for people who claim to be radicals or leftists, often to feel good about themselves, but express liberal, uninformed or otherwise non-leftist views about important topics such as capitalism, reformism vs revolution, lgbtq+ rights, gender politics, or sometimes just people who support Joe Biden.
Person 1: "I'm pro socialism but I think communism is just too far"
Person 2: "OK Radlib"
by SexHaver212 October 21, 2020
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A bourgeois person who identifies himself as a 'radical centrist,' one who shuns political principles or ideology in favor of seeking common ground with the radical right (fascists), their natural class allies.
1) The fascists want to exterminate 1 million workers, the Socialist left wants to save them from extermination, but the 'radlib' says we should compromise, and only kill 100,000.

2) The 'radlib' finds it problematic to push marginalized people to the left, they find this to be a form of violence which ignores the intersectionality of POC in the post-modernist epoch
by Bolshevik36 April 25, 2020
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