1.The department of Health facilities where diagnostic imaging is taken. MRI and CT are ussualy here also.

2.Where I work.

3.Where people go to try to get sympathy for petty problems.

4.The place in the hospital where you are made fun of the most. Everyone makes fun of you at the hospital, EVERYONE.

1.The Radiology department took an xray of my broken ankle.

2.I took an xray of some stupid kid that fell off his skateboard.

3.This pussy came to the hopistal to get an xray for a sprained ankle. "what a faggot"

4.This womans xray reveals that she might have pneumonia, and she has saggy tits
by 1234567a June 11, 2006
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When a radiologist wears a scrub top with dress pants.
Dr. Rick Kamwerdzer got enema barium on his shirt today. He is lucky he was wearing his radiology mullet.
by gurgurant November 28, 2009
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