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A method of democracy that encourages disagreement as a necessary part of the democratic process. Radical democracy holds to the opinion that differences cannot be overcome through rational discourse or formal discussions. Rather than seeking to deter differences of opinion and create absolute consensus, radical democracy is an attempt to utilize those differences in manner consistent with the notion of democracy as a contest between two or more rival factions.
I prefer when political parties agree with one another? If we had a radical democracy, I would have a choice that means something and I don't know if I'm ready for that responsibility.
by Toben_the_Many November 06, 2008
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Wherein you claim to want others to have so much freedom and choice that you force it upon them at the point of a rifle or tank barrel whether they want it or not. Thus also ensuring that their "choices" are the same as yours (you wouldn't want any pesky surprise outcomes after all).
We liberated the country and through radical democracy we installed a new (temporary) government that at least some of the population have heard of and at least some even voted for.

Radical democracy, for when you don't like the outcomes of traditional democracy.
by Anthony Sheppard August 11, 2006
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